Falling Stars

Falling Stars
Hey Coven! ⭐

We're super excited to tell you that our New SS19 Jewellery Collection, Falling Stars, has fallen to Earth!

Check it out! 👇

All things in the universe are one and the same. We are all made of stardust, and the same energy flows through us as has flowed through the universe for millennia. Creation and destruction are an illusion; we cannot die, only change...

The astronomer possessed a knowledge of the universe that no one could match, but still she yearned for more. As time passed she devoted more of herself, her heart and her very soul, to the stars, until one day she was no more.

Some say she burned out, grief-stricken from all the questions she couldn't answer.

Others say she still lives, ascended to another plane, become one with the universe.

Only mementos of her life's work are left behind, glittering in and out of existence like falling stars.

Falling Stars

A collection of beautiful keepsakes from the universe, moments in the history of existence.

Carry the Cosmos with you 🖤

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