Hair Envy

Need some hair #inspo from our wicked R+W witches?! Take a look at these beautiful styles and turn yourself green with envy!


This gorgeous #grunge girl looks crazy good layering it up with our 'Rhea' choker. aatypi rocks this long shaggy silver cut with an uber-cute box fringe.
Topped perfectly with a quirky use of our 'Eclipse' necklace, lailasassi95's mane of beautiful ringlets give this babe a wonderfully wild witchy feel. 
This bad-ass witch doll obsidiankerttu is definite hair goals in these Rapunzel pigtails! In her Matte Black choker, this sassy sorceress looks killer.
Got a must-see style of your own? Share your enviable locks with us at #rogueandwolf. We might even feature you on our Insta page! Have a wonderful week witches, Hannah <3

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