Happy International Cat Day!

Happy International Cat Day!
With over half a billion domesticated cats worldwide, our furry little friends are the world's most popular pet. So today, we celebrate our feline family!


Throwing it back a few thousand years to ancient Egypt - us humans worshipped our kittens as Gods. Their sharp reflexes and ability to kill cobras made them very popular in Ancient Egyptian households, and gave them a God-like status. No wonder they walk around like they own the place.
Bastet (or Bast) was the Egyptian goddess of warfare and protector of cats. So if your cat is ever feisty, just know they're channelling their inner goddess!


However, our lovely cats' Godly status didn't last forever, as during the 14th century, humanity started to associate cats with bad luck and the devil. This lead to many cats being killed, however this caused the population of rats to increase, helping the plague spread and kill more people. Our cats were our protectors and we didn't even know it. SORRY KITTIES.
During the 16th century, cats became associated with witchcraft and many people believed cats were witches in their previous lives. Maybe this is why we love them so much.


Today, cats and kittens across the world should be celebrated for the love and happiness they bring. Did you know that on average, cats sleep between 13 and 14 hours everyday? Crazy, right?! Buuuut, we can believe it!

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Love and magic to you all,

🖤 R+W 🖤

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