Get festival fierce!

With festival season now underway, we wanted to give you some tips on how to style your R+W wardrobe to be festival fierce! Here's our how-to on standing out at this summer's events:

You want to look killer at a festival, obviously, but you also want to be comfortable. Solution: a pair of spellbinding leggings. Wear our Spirit Ward leggings for the ultimate in magic and comfort. If you want your look to have a little more edge, throw on our Snake Pit leggings. With their vegan leather-look finish, these really offer a sexy, rock goddess vibe. And if you want to go for something a little lighter or more colourful, take our Cross My Heart leggings. These will help you create that edgy, witchy look without making you melt if the sun is blazing!

As for what to wear with your leggings, we think any and all of our tops look magical! The two we've picked out especially are our MoonDoll tee, and our Unicorn Mayhem vest tee. The MoonDoll tee is an instant classic, and super soft and comfortable. Wear it as normal or tie the bottom into a crop tee for that something extra. Plus it keeps the sun off your shoulders. You don't realise how much of a blessing that is until you forget to pack your sun cream! If you prefer to get as much sun as possible, wear the Unicorn Mayhem vest tee. The acid wash cotton and raw hems give this top the appearance of a band t-shirt that you've expertly customised, without running the risk of actually ruining any band t-shirts. Trust me, we've been there

You're also gonna need something to keep you warm. You never know what the weather's gonna be like at festivals, and even when the sun is beating down every day, those desert cold nights are killer if you don't have something to wrap up in. For this we recommend our Shaman's Eye oversized jumper! It's big enough to really envelop you and make you all snug as a bug, and it also looks cool AF. With its unisex cut and a large array of sizes available, it works for literally anyone and everyone.

To complete your R+W festival look, you'll need some chunky boots (perfect for walking in mud and seeing over crowds), and a few magical accessories - our Eclipse necklace, for instance: so versatile, you can wear it round your neck or as a head piece to create an elvish, pagan vibe. And don't forget to protect your phone with one of our wicked phone case designs! You'll be taking lots of pictures no doubt and you don't want any accidents!

Whatever festival you're going to this year, and whatever the weather, we hope you have the most magical time! We're not jealous at all, honestly... So get your essentials packed, do NOT forget your sun cream (seriously guys), and make sure you tag us in your pictures!

Love ya ❤️💛💙

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