Look out for the Blood Moon!

Look out for the Blood Moon!
Happy Friday guys! And what an extra special Friday it is, as today marks the day when the Sun, the Moon and the Earth all align! This evening, much of the world will bear witness to a Total Lunar Eclipse, otherwise known as... The Blood Moon!

This particular Lunar eclipse also happens to be taking place during Apogee, which is when the moon is at its very farthest from the earth. This is known as a Mini Moon! So, while the moon will be dowsed in a bloody red glow (ohhh scary), she will also be really really small (aww cute). Kinda like a tiny little ball of evil.
The eclipse will be visible from most of Europe and Asia, Australia, Africa, Southern North America, South America, Pacific Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Antarctica (shout out to those reading in Antarctica!).

Lunar eclipses happen quite often, however TOTAL Lunar eclipses tend to happen every 2.5 years, and they can't always be seen from so many places. So they're kinda special. This Blood Moon will last for 1 hour and 43 minutes, making it the longest Lunar eclipse of the 21st century, and only 4 minutes shorter than the longest Lunar eclipse possible!

The good news is, unlike a Solar eclipse, Lunar eclipses are totally safe to look at and require no special equipment or funky glasses to see, although you may find it helpful to view it from somewhere with little to no light pollution. So happy viewing, Coven! Don't forget to tag us in your Lunar eclipse photos on Insta, we'd love to see some of your beautiful shots! Hint: use your fingertip to focus your camera where the moon is.

Have a good weekend folks!
Rogue + Wolf 🖤

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