Just landed!

Stop your rituals, halt your casting sessions & put down that spell book!
Our first Fashion Collection MoonDoll has arrived!!!
We couldn't have wished for a more overwhelmingly wonderful reception on our Insta from you lovelies, thank you!! This means you should cast your spells and grab your must haves quickly to get in on the magic, as stock will fly fast! Happy shopping dolls!

So.. Moons are the shit right?! This collection is for all the moondolls, moon seers, star gazers and galaxy babes out there!
Ok.. if you're a Bat or Cat crazy gal like us you'll love it too!
We got you covered with all witchy essentials to complete yo' badass witch vibes and make you renowned in the Coven for your slay style!

Click the banner to fly straight to our exclusive Rogue+Wolf clothing collection!
Slay the night, rule the skies, and look fierce in MoonDoll.
A collection of bewitching cardis, kawaii crops, cult hoodies, devilishly cute dresses and sick leggings! Exclusively for the baddest and best dressed witch in the coven.

For when your inner witch wants out.

From left to right: Moon Seer Cardigan, Kuro Mahou Dress, Moon Ritual Cardigan, Serpent Oracle Long Dress, Satan Thinks I'm Cute Dress, Arachnid Doll Dress.

Have you picked a favourite yet? To help you decide, here are just some of the many mystical delights we have in store for you!
You can hop on your broom and fly over to the website NOW to check out the full collection!

We are so proud to finally be sharing this with you, and so super excited to see our beautiful moondolls rockin' this collection all the way to the moon and back!
Love ya babes!

P.S: The answer to our cryptic anagram spell was "Get ready to rock our first fashion collection"! Well done to any witches who were able to work their magic on it! :) x

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