Nail Envy

So sometimes all our nails need to feel loved is a new lick of paint and a magic spell from the nail fairies. However, if your nail fairy is on holiday, allow us to inspire you with some of our favs rocking some killa claws!


For nails that sparkle like stars in the night, look no further than @ratbabyclothing. Our 'Lupus' and 'Lust' rings make beautiful moon and star to finish the look.


Gazing into her future to see what it holds, still got immaculate nails. Our 'Affection' midi sits beautifully atop @tequilastar's pristine grey claws. 


@shleeemarie wears some of our Matte Blacks with these stunning witchy claws that are a totally bad ass masterpiece. 

Been inspired to create your own gothic nail-art? Top it off with some R+W gear, and give us a #rogueandwolf on Instagram so we can check it out. You might even be featured on our page, or in a future blog! Have a wicked week witches! Hannah x

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