Petwear: Is it safe to dress my cat?

Petwear: Is it safe to dress my cat?

Pet fashion is everywhere these days! I mean, is there anything cuter than an adorable little pupper or kawaii neko in a cute AF sweater? 😍 We think not! And we absolutely ADORE seeing your photos of your fur babies rocking our petwear! Like seriously, we live for it. 🙏 But we thought it important to address a couple of points around pet safety when it comes to familiar fashion. We love animals of all kinds, and while we love seeing cats and dogs rocking their wicked witchy gear, we want to be sure that everyone is dressing their pets in a safe environment.

So, first things first: not all cats and dogs will want to wear something, and if that's the case for your pet, don't force it! If they back away when you're trying to dress them, just stop. If they pull at the clothing or try to wriggle out of it once it's on, take it off. We're sure you don't need to be told this, but animals have thoughts and feelings too, and they know what they do and don't like. If they don't want to wear something, don't put it on them. 🚫 Simple as.

If your fur baby happens to be a little fashionista, then great! Dress them to their heart's content. 😃 But still be cautious. Here's a couple of things to bear in mind when dressing your pets:

Temperature: Cats and dogs have fur to keep them warm (most of them, anyway), and you don't want them to overheat by putting them in a thick sweater. Your animal might seem okay wearing that adorable knitwear, but they could struggle to regulate their body temperature. We recommend keeping an eye on your pets if you dress them up, and of course, if it's a hot day, don't even bother with the sweater! The same goes for our pet vests. They are lightweight, but if you have a particularly floofy familiar, you don't want to make them feel uncomfortable by adding layers on a hot day! 🥵

Movement: We don't recommend putting any animal in clothing that is tight-fitting, as it will be uncomfortable and restrict their movement. We have a handy size guide on all of our pet listings with instructions on how to measure your pet, so you can be sure you won't be purchasing something that is too small. But of course, the proof, as always, is in the pudding. 🍮 If something appears tight on your pet, don't just assume it's okay "because the size guide said so". Take it off.
For cats in particular, you want to be extra careful about putting them in clothing because they're basically small furry gymnasts! 🤸 If you're going to put clothing on your cat, don't leave it on them while they are unattended. Cats can roam for miles every day, jumping over walls and through trees, and if they are wearing clothing while doing this, it risks getting caught on something and causing an accident. So always make sure you have an eye on your kitty when they're dressed up! (Like you wouldn't be constantly fussing over them and taking photos anyway! 📸🤩)

Of course, pet clothing can have it's benefits (besides looking AWESOME). A loose fitting vest or sweater can sometimes be a good alternative to the cone of shame, as it doesn't feel as embarrassing for the animal and it also doesn't restrict their access to their food bowl! 🥫 Obviously if you are taking your cat or dog for treatment of any kind, discuss this option with your vet before completely dismissing the cone!

So there you have it, Coven, our two cents on how to keep your pets looking swish while staying safe! The bottom line is, really, use your common sense, gauge your pet's reaction, and don't leave them to go off and do their own thing while they're dressed to the nines. 🐾👕✨

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