All good things must come to an end and we all must struggle with the impermanence of this life. But damn, corporate greed just makes things harder for everyone, every day.

Polyvore just died. Not with a scream, not even with a whimper. Corporate suits pushed money around, got really aroused doing it, and then killed a company just so they can grab your data.

'Polyvore is now SSENSE' they say but let us break this down for you: Verizon's Oath sold Polyvore to SSENSE, a Canadian luxury fashion retailer, and all SSENSE wanted from Polyvore was your data. They bought Polyvore and shut it down because all they need is your data. Unless you opt out, more on that in a bit.

There was no warning by SSENSE or Oath, the company that owned Polyvore, to all the loyal users of Polyvore. Just an email that briefly explains Polyvore is shut down and that you can export your looks and opt out of passing your info to SSENSE.

Polyvore was a social network for many people. Sure the community had seen better days but we know thousands of people are heartbroken right now. It sucks seeing people treated like that, suddenly cut off from their friends and their creative outlet.

All companies involved are making zero comments but you can suspect there is a very high chance that most if not all of the Polyvore staff have lost their jobs. We wish them good luck in their new adventures and hope they find a new home soon.

Same for all you loyal Polyvore fans! When one door closes, many more open. But you are right to feel betrayed and you are right to be pissed off. First thing you need to do is go to the link they sent and OPT OUT of passing your data. They want your email and they want your fashion preferences. That's the only things they care about so don't give it to them. Link below:
There is another button there to export your looks. We've used it for our account but nothing has happened yet, hope it works out, we had lots of cool stuff on Polyvore.

So here we are experiencing another data sell-off. At a time when Facebook is on hot rocks for leaking our data for questionable purposes and our privacy is assaulted from all directions. What a time to be alive.

At least you can win this battle, go opt out of the data sharing. And if you need a warm fuzzy hug, we are here. It's all gonna be alright.

Love, the Rogue + Wolf team


  • Charlotte

    Check out this blog Brandi, http://blog.fashmates.com/polyvore-users-restore-years-of-content-at-fashmates/

  • Brandi K.

    When I tried to get on Polyvore and was rerouted to SSENSE the first time, I made an account with them (mistakenly thinking that it was still Polyvore, only with a new name). Since then, I did use the link to request my works and collections, as well as to opt out of SSENSE. Now I’m wondering if that took care of it – or if I already ruined it by opening the account with SSENSE before I understood what was going on? If anyone can tell me, I’d really appreciate it.

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