Banish your sins to the Sinbook.


Hello lovelies, long time no see! How have you been? Since we last spoke, the crazy occultists at Rogue + Wolf have been relentlessly researching and reconstructing an ancient artifact - The Sinbook.
Isn't it awesome?
What is a Sinbook, you ask? Well, it's a book with the power to absorb all of the negativity in your mind so you can focus on being the best version of you. It's grounded in magic (and actual science) so you can go about your day free of sin!
It works using the immutable power of a magical bind. Once you get your hands on it, the book will present you with a contract, which when signed will require you to journal in your dark thoughts and worries in the morning, then a positive thing that happened to you during the day.
Once the book has taken hold of your sins, you are free to go about your day safe in the knowledge that they will not plague you.
When the book is full of your deepest, darkest thoughts and brightest passions and no pages remain, you must destroy it (or at least put it somewhere you'll never see it again) to release everything within into the ether.
The Sinbook features our original R + W designs and is beautifully illustrated throughout. It has enough pages for 128 days of burdens and blessings! Fits on most bedside tables.
Through buried sins, fortune blossoms.


  • Rogue + Wolf

    Hi Anna! We recommend that you commit to writing in the Sinbook every day, till the pages are full. This will help cement a positive mindset, and give you something to look at and feel proud of at the end, knowing that you have overcome and survived all your hardships. As with all positive thinking and self-care exercises, continuation is key!

  • Anna

    Is it possible to end the contract earlier or will there be consequences?

  • Rogue + Wolf

    Hi Ava! It is of course entirely up to you, but personally we think that’s a great idea. To see what you’ve lived through in the past year and most importantly what you’ve overcome, we think it will show you how strong you are! And then that’s something else for you to be happy about! ;)

  • Ava

    What would happen if I went back and read through my book once there were no pages left just to see what problems I’ve overcome if that makes sense

  • Kat

    How can I get my sinbook?

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