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In need of some summer witch style tips? Don't worry sisters, we got you covered! We share our Godmotherly advise on how to stay cool and cute in gothic style this season. Got a must-see look of your own? Post it with a #rogueandwolf and we'll check it out!



So if you have been struggling in the heat recently (as we have), why not try switching up your signature #allblack outfits, with something white. *Gasp!*.  I know it sounds drastic, but white will help you stay much cooler, and you can always turn the goth back up with some R+W gear!


Keepin' it cas' in ankle boots and a cardi, this look easily goes from day to night for when you've just made too many plans, and can't be fussing with more than one outfit in a day. Just add a little bit of vampy lippy and you're set to go from chillin' at the coven to a full on cult rave! And of course, your matte black gear is good to go whatever the occasion!

Be ready for whatever adventures the weekend can throw at you in the killer combo. Add a splash of colour with these uba comfy boots, that will help you to stay your feet all day. A huge shoulder bag is a must for all those potential (window) shopping opportunities. Layer on some R+W necklaces and a choker or two for maximum fun this summer.


Seen something you must have? Just head to our Polyvore page for all the details on everything you see here and so much more! Need more style tips, suggestion for styling our jewels or inspo for a special occasion? We got you, with a plethora (*fancy word alert*) of witchy styling options!

Stay magical witch dolls, Hannah <3

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