Using your Sinbook

Happy Friday, Coven!

The witches at R+W HQ hope that you've had an awesome week. Done anything fun this week? Have you kept pushing forward with your goals? Go you! If not, don't worry, just keep doing your best.

We're a soppy bunch, we just want the best for all of our fans, which is why we came up with the Sinbook. We know that life isn't always pure magic, sometimes you just gotta sit down with your cats and try not to go crazy.

The Sinbook is designed to help you vent your emotions and troubles so your mind isn't plagued by them. It also helps you relive the good times and little victories you encounter each and every day. We want you to stay mindful and be the best darn version of you possible!

We really want owners of the Sinbook to share their entries with the rest of the Coven so others don't feel so alone with their demons. Please tag @rogueandwolf in your Sinbook snaps over on Insta/Vero/Facebook etc. We'll do our best to showcase them. If you're feeling anxious about sharing, we can always post them anonymously for ya.

Stay awesome!

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