We Still Love EU! #NotOverIt

We Still Love EU! #NotOverIt
At the start of the new year, the UK officially left the EU ☹️ We think this sucks! We never wanted to part, we weren't ready to say goodbye, our hearts are frankly breaking! 
So as we dwell on our little island nation, still reeling from the breakup of the century, we wanted to assure all of our European sisters, brothers and others, We Still Love EU! ❤️
So this year we're going all out for Valentine's Day! We're giving you all up to a whopping 40% Off, from now until the 15th! 
So show someone you love them (or just treat yerself, babes) with some wicked witchy goodies this Valentines!
And most importantly, if you love someone, fight for them and don't let them go! 😭😭😭 #NotOverIt

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  • Bernadette

    Love this site. You guys are amazing. The products are dark and sexy . i love it

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