You have endured the wait for our Winter collection. 

Will you manage to withstand the force of White Witch | Black Snake... an unfamiliar discovery awaits!

Light and darkness, white and black, the war of good and evil rages eternal, choose your side wisely Witch.
The omens show the All Seeing Serpent, devouring all.
Slay the beast and brew a potion with its blood, as was foretold.
Or lose more than just your life in the tempest of battle.
Keep your cat familiar close and your enchanted dagger closer.
Blood will flow, maybe yours...

Our realm holds NEW and unusual treasures, from rings, to midis, necklaces and chokers, we’ve brought you more cuffs and enchanting new earrings!! 

Will you surrender yourself to darkness or uphold the light? Head over to our website, where a witch ought to choose her fate. We're celebrating with a witchin' SALE across all our older collections!


The powerful 'Potion of the Unseen' choker with a blood drop gem. 
The white Witch of the forest, blind for years she has been.
But rumours have it she crafted an elixir that makes her see of the unseen.
An alchemy potion with three ingredients,
the Serpent's blood, the Ruby tear and sacred venom.
One drop of it enough for her to walk around with a grin.

The unholy 'Serpent Synergy' ring.

An unholy synergy of two black snakes. The serpents caress, collide, their shiny scales brush on each other, and in their forceful unity, darkness abound and an abominable power gets born.


Many more magical artefacts on our website!

We hope all you witches will enjoy this brand new batch of magic, let us know on IG with a #rogueandwolf or #whitewitchblacksnake!

Happy casting!

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