YouTube channel launch!

Well, witches... the day has finally come!

It was only a matter of time before we got a YouTube channel. We have so many cool things to show you and sometimes pictures just don't cut it!

Our channel is designed to be a celebration of you guys - our Coven! We love you all and want to showcase you and your many talents for all other witches, wizards, rogues and wolves to see.

Check out our first ever video here. It's a makeup tutorial from the lovely Beatriz Mariano. Isn't she spellbindingly awesome? Now you can learn from the best and level up your makeup game. Go and subscribe too - we want to reach every last witch on the planet!

Think you have the talent to star in our next video? Get in touch over on our Insta or leave a comment on our YouTube. You never know, we may just be featuring you next!

See you over on da YouTubez.

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