Stroll through the ivy-covered archways and into the hallowed halls of Rogue + Wolf's latest collection, BOTANICA. 🍂🌙 Where the whispers of Dark Academia meet the enchanting dance of lunar cycles and the wild whimsy of botanical gardens. 🌙🌿 Wrap yourself in the magic of moonlit skater dresses, or twirl through the ancient libraries of the world in skirts that billow with secrets untold.

    Transform your wardrobe with crops & tops printed with the charm of cross-stitch ghosts and the night's most bewitching flora. Carry the wisdom of the woods with our eco-friendly totes, perfect for stashing potions or farmers' market finds, ensuring even your veggies vibe with your values. 🥀

    Wander with us into the secret garden of BOTANICA & let nature's nocturne cloak you with enchanting threads 🌖✨

    🌙✨ Hear the truth from the lips of our Coven, not just our words! ✨🌙


    I absolutely adore this dress! It fits so well, & has a wonderful flow for twirls & such, fun to dance in 🥰

    Xelle B.

    ON, Canada


    I've bought all the mugs and a few clothing items and everything has been absolutely wonderful. Recently I've purchased some dog sweaters for the first time and now my pup can be as stylish as me. She loves them and they look great.

    Casey R.

    MN, USA


    It was exactly as described, it fit true to size and the first day I wore it, 3 different total strangers complimented my skirt. You all do great work, thank you!!

    Lura H.

    UT, USA


    These are my new go-to everyday shoes, I’m obsessed and I get so many compliments on them! I’m normally a US size 10 and have wide feet, and initially they did pinch a bit, but after about a week of wearing them, they’re perfectly comfy now! If you have wide feet like me, just be prepared to be a little uncomfortable while you break them in. I was also initially a bit worried about the heel height being a bit too high for me to wear everyday since I have weak ankles/terrible balance in general, but they’re actually perfect! I’ve walked (and run) through 2 different haunted houses in them and survived, and wear them every time I leave the house now!

    Maia M.

    NC, USA


    These are fantastic! High quality make, really nice size (big) and just look very striking for a 'smart casual' dinner.

    Max R.

    London, UK