High-tech sustainable & ethical manufacturing

3D printing is not only cool, it's the damn future! We might be (very!) early adopters but there's no doubt that 3D printing (or "additive manufacturing") is the end goal of all manufacturing. As an ethical brand we prefer using 3D printing for the manufacturing of our black jewelry. Yes, 3D printing is many times more expensive than a simple injection plastic/alloy mold made the old way but it's clean, reliable and fair! Traditional manufacturing has nothing on us! As technology progresses, we expect to see better 3D printed materials and even more sustainable production. Thank you for joining us for the ride!

Our plastic jewellery is 3D printed which makes them incredibly sustainable and solidly ethical. They are printed in the Netherlands in a high tech facility with minimal waste of resources which is great for the environment and fair EU wages for all involved. We are proud to be increasing adoption of 3D printing as a viable manufacturing process.

Hypoallergenic & Skin Friendly

The simple nylon material is similar to what is used in everyday clothing. If your beautiful skin dislikes contact with metal, our 3D printed jewellery will be perfect for you. We have not had a single complaint about skin sensitivity or skin reaction for our plastic 3D printed jewellery. We are very confident that even the daintiest skin will like how they feel.

Good for Humans

Manufactured in the EU, in high end facilities, 3D Printing avoids dodgy and unreliable factories with harsh outsourcing contracts, poor working conditions or unethical wages. Everyone involved in the process of 3D printing gets paid a fair wage according to EU regulations.

Good for the Environment

We love 3D printing because it is precise and friendly to our environment and it minimises waste drastically. It is many times more expensive for us but it is high tech sustainable manufacturing with extremely little waste on resources, energy, materials, and man hours. Plus we can have production closer to home for a lower carbon footprint.

3D Printing

How does it work?

3D printed with lasers and magic

Unique Material


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