It's finally happened! No need to contain your excitement any longer! Your favourite source of first class witchcraft supplies is finally on Amazon!

Rogue + Wolf is now available directly from Amazon in the following countries: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Woo!

Not only does that mean you now have something groovy on which to finally spend those Amazon vouchers you got last Christmas, but it also means that Prime members will be able to take advantage of the fast, free shipping that comes with Amazon Prime membership! This couldn't get any better could it...?




To start off we have just a few of the essentials available, at sexy sexy prices. Too good to pass up, you might say...

Ever been in work and stumbled across someone using your mug? YOUR mug?? Well with our Witch Cauldron Mug no one in the office will ever dare to make such a mistake again!

Ever put your phone down and not been able to find it a minute later? Well with our striking range of super cute, fun phone cases, never again will your phone just vanish into the ether!

Grab these daily essentials on Amazon while they're at their super sweet launch prices, and make sure everyone knows what a thoroughly modern witch you are.

And don't worry, there'll be plenty more witchy goodness coming to Amazon in the near future 😉

Happy shopping!
R+W 💙


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  • Cortney Young

    Will you be on the Canadian Amazon in the future at all?

  • Rogue + Wolf

    Hi Francesca 💕

    It’s difficult to know which coat you’re referring to without the product name, but our hooded coats range from £66 – £90, plus tax. That currently works out roughly as 73 – 100 euros, plus tax.

    Unfortunately these items are not yet available through our Amazon store. Although we do plan to expand the range available on Amazon to include fashion, we cannot say yet when this will happen.

    Remember you can sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear news and also receive exclusive offers and discounts that you can use on our website 🙂 Hope that helps!

    Peace and love from the R + W Team 💕

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