Down The Rabbit Hole...

Down The Rabbit Hole...
Hey Coven 🖤

It's that time of year again...

Whether you're celebrating the goddess and the fruits of the earth, or simply gorging on chocolate eggs, we can all agree on one thing - we love a long weekend!

To celebrate this year, we're coming at ya with an offer we've never done before!

We're giving you BUY 1 GET 1 HALF PRICE across the store! 🔥

Why have we suddenly come out with such an awesome offer? I hear you ask!

Is it because we're feeling especially nice? Is it because we've had waaay too much chocolate? Is it because we've only just worked out what buttons to press to hold this kind of sale? Who knows?!

But who's complaining, eh?

Check out what wicked goodies you can get on this amazing offer here!

And in the meantime, enjoy your Easter weekend! Eats lots of chocolate! Decorate eggs! Go for a walk amongst nature! 🐣

If you have any cool Easter traditions let us know below! 🐰

Much love from the R+W team! 🖤

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