Midnight Mug!

Midnight Mug!
Hey there Coven! ⭐

Today we launch the Midnight Mug: A beautiful, magical, astronomical vessel that will suit all of your witchy needs.

Enchantingly beautiful and wonderfully generous in size, hidden within the Midnight Mug is a vast sea of stars that will transport you to another world; an ethereal paradise.

Add a touch of night to your morning ritual and drink in the endless calm of the Starry Midnight Sky. Let the deep solace of night ease you into the working day. When the evening comes, fill the Midnight Mug with your favourite soothing brew and let it lull you into a deep peaceful sleep 🌙

If hot beverages aren't your thing, add a spark of magic to your breakfast instead. With an astounding 500ml capacity, the Midnight Mug is the perfect home for cereal, fruit, smoothies, or whatever else energises you on a morning. Alternatively, fill your Midnight Mug with a warming pumpkin soup, to keep you cosy during the cold Winter nights ahead.

As ever, the Rogue + Wolf crew, with their astonishing attention to detail, have covered every base to make sure you love everything about your R+W goodies. It will come beautifully packaged in an enchanting box, surrounded by Moons & Stars, ready to enthral you, or to whomever you choose to gift it.

We've had an amazing response from you guys so far on Instagram. We hope you all love the Midnight Mug just as much as we do!

Peace, love and magic from the R+W team 🖤

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  • Rachel Wells

    Will this item get restocked? :( I literally have to buy it. It has my initials on the inside. 😍

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